Latest Box Office: Festive release saved 'Golmaal Again' from an embarassing start, opened poorly and failed to recover costs.

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Golmaal Again Collections: Festive release saved 'Golmaal Again' from an embarassing start, opened poorly and failed to recover costs.

Golmaal Again Collections: 'Golmaal Again' fell far behind at box office in comparison with 'Golmaal Returns' and 'Golmaal 3', It opened poorly at multiplexes and urban cities, Its only at single screens where it was able to fetch not so embarassing numbers. Its occupancy varied from 20% to 30% on an average.

First day of Golmaal Again collected ₹ 111 million domestic and ₹ 23 million overseas.

Second day of Golmaal Again remained consistent and low with almost same occupancy collected ₹ 123 million domestic and ₹ 27 million overseas.

Third day of Golmaal Again could not show any growth, instead dropped further and collected ₹ 109 million domestic and ₹ 24 million overseas.

First weekdays collections of Golmaal Again falled immensly making it first in Golmaal series which failed to recover it cost in first week.

Day/Days Domestic Overseas
First Day ₹ 111 million ₹ 23 million
Second Day ₹ 123 million ₹ 27 million
Third Day ₹ 109 million ₹ 24 million
First Weekdays ₹ 102 million ₹ 42 million
Second Weekend ₹ 57 million ₹ 24 million
Second Weekdays ₹ 43 million ₹ 12 million
Third Weekend ₹ 13 million ₹ -- million
Third Weekdays ₹ 7 million ₹ -- million
Remaining Days ₹ -- million ₹ -- million

Movie Golmaal Again
Release Date 20.10.2017
Budget ₹ 760 million
Total Domestic Collections ₹ 565 million
Total Overseas Collections ₹ 152 million
Total Worldwide Collections ₹ 717 million
Movie Verdict Flop

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