Badla: The hotchpotch investigation that rarely made any sense.

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Badla: The hotchpotch investigation that rarely made any sense.

Starring:  Amitabh Bachchan, Tapasee Pannu, Amrita Singh, Manav Kaul.

Director: Sujoy Ghosh.

Writer: Sujoy Ghosh, Raj Vasant.

Producer: Gauri Khan, Sunir Kheterpal, Akshai Puri.

Release Date: 08.03.2019


Badla had one dialogue 'Kya main vahi 6 dekh rha hun jo mujhe dekhna chahiye ya fir vo 9 jo mujhe dekhna chahiye tha', and after seeing this confusing and unconvincing movie we are convinced that character of Amitabh Bachchan definitely need an urgent eye checkup as audiences along with magnet are definitely sure about 6 and 9 and doesn't need a movie to get reassured about that. Then their is another dialogue in the movie which basically means that person who only knows the truth without knowing the difference between truth and a lie is a fool, well usually such person is referred as busy especially when that woman is business person of the year. Basically dialogues and situations in the movie are placed absurdly which makes this painfully boring investgation even more painful watch. The movie revolves around a murder mystery of a man died in a hotel room and caught with character of Tapasee Pannu who becomes the culprit due to circumstances. However after that point movie just revolve around the stories of characters of Naina and counter story by her lawyer Badla Gupta, which were not just boring but also gets kiddish after a certain point of time. The non involvement of investigation authorities in such high pitched investigation along with end storyline seemed too unconvincing for the audiences. The storyline of Naina and her extra marital affair with Arjun followed by Arjun Murder and a car accident in past appear so kiddish sometimes that rather than conversation about the case between a lawyer and accused it appear as a private tution teacher teaching his student and forcibly torturing his student by forced and again absurd dialogues like concentrate on small details wheras the only thing which felt explained in detail in whole movie was a photoshop picture. Other than that storyline was so foolish which try to convince that a murderer hit someone with weapon due to hurried circumstance and get assured that he would be dead and build a fake story around rather than taking him to hospital or trying any other means to save his life. Even if other angle of the climax is taken that murder was planned, then the clever murderer will plan the murder but will not plan the eviction from the room but rather build a fake story as defence, and the sounds from expensive hotel room are easily audible outside the rooms and there are no televisions in room so any scream becomes doubtful, which makes it too irrationale and foolish as per situations to handle. Further director appeared so immature that he even fail to consider the fact that whenever someone gets struck on head unknowingly or suddenly, the scream is not possible untill and unless you are Maria Sharapova. More than a murder mystery, it appear as a Koffee with Karan show where sometimes fake blame stories are heard with pleasure and even believed with complete seriousness, but on being seriously investigated, they get referred as light hearted jokes and as a defence they are compared to sarcasm and light hearted jokes. Overall movie is so unconvincing that it doesn't even justify properly the motive of murders along with lots of other flaws in screenplays.


  1. Beautiful Visuals
    The beautiful snowy visuals in the movie were definitely eye pleasing and only aspect that give this movie bit of worth.
  2. The Unconvincing End
    The climax of movie was not just kiddish but also confusing and unconvincing, it clearly looked forced on the character of Naina played by Tapasee Punnu as the story of Tapasee Punnu totally convinced the audiences till the end but the end twist was undigestable and had lots of flaws which failed to make any sense.
  3. Good Performance My Foot
    Performance wise movie have brilliant performances especially of main leads Emraan Hashmi-Actor playing Sattu and special mention to female main lead Shreya Dhanwanthary who does complete justice to her role and beautifully adds strong emotions required by her role.
  4. Great And Proper Mix Of Northern Languages
    The characters in movie speaks various languages from Punjabi, Hindi, English to Haryanvi but all appear pleasent and easily understandable for audiences due to simplicity and relatable factor by which they were spoken.


  1. Lacking Interest
    The biggest disappointment in the movie is that it failed to attract audiences interest at any point of time, it just goes on as a murder mystery without any required thrills and no investigating authority which seemed foolish after every 10 minutes of screentime.
  2. The Unconvincing End
    The climax of movie was not just kiddish but also confusing and unconvincing, it clearly looked forced on the character of Naina played by Tapasee Pannu as the story of Tapasee Pannu totally convinced the audiences till the end but the end twist was undigestable which failed to make any sense and it appeared that murdering people was Naina hobby.
  3. Deglamourized Appearances
    The deglamourized appearances of the main lead in movie is becoming new trend in bollywood which is keeping audiences away and making movies give feel of home which is definitely ruining the whole spirit of audiences to go out and enjoy the movie with family and friends.

Magnet Call

The film bores and fail to convince with its plot especially climax.

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