Kesari: The story of great courage gradually overshadowed by brainless screenplay and fake emotions.

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Kesari: The story of great courage gradually overshadowed by brainless screenplay and fake emotions.

Starring:  Akshay Kumar, Mir Sarwar, Edward Sonneblick, Parineeti Chopra.

Director: Anurag Singh.

Writer: Girish Kohli.

Producer: Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar, Sunir Kheterpal, Apporva Mehta.

Release Date: 21.03.2019


The most impactful or educational aspect (history) of 'Kesari' can be elaborated in one line i.e. 'Dus Hazaar ke saamne ekkiss' which basically borrows its concept from '300' where there were 300 brave soldiers fighting against thousands and here soldiers count is even less i.e 21. And this story of bravery doesn't disappoint completely and had humour at places which keeps you entertain throughout. The background music is again impressive and gel along beautifully with impressive visuals and action sequences without sounding loud which could be expected from producer who made 'Bahubali' with extra loud and painful background music. However that doesn't means that 'Kesari' doesn't have flaws, begining with smaller flaws, there were instances where overusage of complex Punjabi terms without subtitles can make it difficult for people not from north region of the country in undersatnding the dialogues, however it doesn't impact the movie overall. The bigger flaws in the movie gets evident post interval but before talking about them, its mandatory to talk about one of best action thriller movie which 'Kesari' reminded me of at various instances i.e 'Phantom' as both have common factor of Patriotism and one of the review criticising the same by baseless accusations like the actress of movie Phantom i.e. Katrina Kaif was wearing makeup in the war zone, I think that person should definitely see this movie Kesari and carefully observe a character in the movie who was wearing black dress and was shooting hidden behind stones, it may definitely enlighten him understanding makeup. Also sharing a screenshot of Katrina Kaif from Phantom for readers of this blog for some more detailing. Is this really what is called makeup ??

Further its hard to imagine what that person will say about 300 characters then ?? and not just that even in Kesari however hurt may a soldier be, every soldier turban was still, so I wonder will it be considered as a flaw ?, Now coming back to flaws in 'Kesari', the movie was flowing smoothly with good performances, visuals and humour suddenly miss chances at various instances, like on being asked by fellow soldiers the reason to fight rather than a proper thought of answer the hero i.e. Ishwar Singh chose to just wear an orange turban and relate it with bravery and freedom missing a chance to explain the primary reasons for revolution, and it was just begining of the stupidity next comes the fake courtesy towards enemy soldiers which appears too funny and rather than emotional angle, it provides little laughter for people with brains, but the stupidity doesn't even ends there as on realizing the fact that the enemy army even have kids and even having feel of guilt while hurting them, rather than accepting death and instead preferring killing the enemy added to stupid presentation of screenplay. Not just that the unconvincing fighting reason and then even after knowing the fact that the fight could not be won and involving other soldiers and endangering their lives too rather than fighting alone makes it logically very weak screenplay. However movie entertains and could be watched along with its flaws as it may give various thinking points but still a definite entertainer for audiences.


  1. Visual Appeal and Background Music
    The visuals, action sequences and background music gel along very well to give amazing cinematic appearance to audiences. Visuals are eye pleasing, background music is soothing to ears and action sequences appears professional performed by professionals in most part of the movie.
  2. Decent Performances
    Akshay Kumar gets the major portion of screentime but he didn't disappoint and gets able support from fellow co-artists to enhance the quality of cinema especially in humour aspect.
  3. The Grand Scale
    The grand scale of the movie impresses and that is expected from big stars and producers unlike senseless and time wasting cinema like 'Padman' or 'Toilet'.
  4. Great And Proper Mix Of Northern Languages
    The characters in movie speaks various languages from Punjabi, Hindi, English to Haryanvi but all appear pleasent and easily understandable for audiences due to simplicity and relatable factor by which they were spoken.


  1. Missing Emotional Touch
    However movie had suitable screentime devoted to present the emotional angle in movie, however missing role of impactful female characterisation along with some stupidity elaborated in detail in synopsis leads to missing a great chance on emotional front.
  2. The Brainless Self Contradictory Screenplay
    There were various instances in the movie where the foolishness overcomes the cinematic excellence quite easily, be it stupid presentation of emotion of courtsey or failing to understand the difference between courage and foolishness again elaborated in synopsis.
  3. Deglamourized Appearances
    The deglamourized appearances of the main lead in movie is becoming new trend in bollywood which is keeping audiences away and making movies give feel of home which is definitely ruining the whole spirit of audiences to go out and enjoy the movie with family and friends.

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The film however gets confused between courage and foolishness but still an enjoyable watch.

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