Parmanu: Kids on mission who bores pre but manage entertainment post inter-mission

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Parmanu: Kids on mission who bores pre but manage entertainment post inter-mission

Starring:  John Abraham, Diana Penty, Boman Irani.

Director: Abhishek Sharma.

Writer: Saiwyn Quadras, Sanyuktha Chawla Sheikh, Abhishek Sharma.

Producer: JA Entertainment, Zee Studios, Kyta Production.

Release Date: 25.05.2018


'Parmanu' is the story of first nuclear test of India performed in 1998 where primary character is of Capt. Ashwat Rana performed by John Abraham who had a mission of testing nuclear bombs considering increasing power of neighbouring countries China and Pakistan but the mission failed for first time and he was suspended, and then the story proceeds further with second attempt and how he along with his team manages to makes it a success. However the intentions of the director looks good with a decent story to tell but screenplay especially in first half appears too kiddish and patriotism shown towards country appears to be too unrealistic, primary reason for that being the dialogues writing and execution lacks originality and conviction which appears too heroic to be realistic. The screenplay could have been more boring if it did not rip off and replicate screenplay from some recent flicks like Tiger Zinda Hai or Jagga Jasoos. However even after trying to get fiction and humour from these flicks pre interval the humour appears to be forced but post interval it genuinely manages to make us laugh with some humorous situations which makes it watchable. Some humour is even unintentional for instance as it is set in 1998 when mobiles were not common the serious dialogue like 'Mobile is too expensive and even incoming is not free' creates good humour for your jaws excercise. Overall the movie could be watched once and it will not hurt at all.


  1. Intentionally Unintentional Humour
    However the humour is clearly ripped off from some recent past flicks which gets clearly visible but it still manages to make you laugh particulary post interval, pre interval the same humour appears forced. The humour do appears unintentional as it is performed with serious conviction but sccreenplay was built that way which may appear unintentional but was always intened to create humour.
  2. Some good flashbacks
    Movie may lack originality but it provides good flashbacks of some recent successful movies like 'Tiger Zinda Hai', 'Phantom' along with lines of hollywood movie like 'Godzilla' etc. and also remind us of India first successful nuclear test Pokhran in Rajasthan. Overall good flashbacks which makes you feel good.
  3. Superlative Performances
    Abhay Deol is back after long but he still manages to give most effortless and lovable performance ever in bollywood and he had Manu Rishi to give him company which make it even better and it definitely leaves their previous 'Oye Lucky Lucky Oye' performances far behind.
  4. Superlative Acting
    With Kay Kay Menon in the cast it is needless to say that you will see some top notch performances as he not just gives his best but always bring the best out of others co-actors.


  1. Immature screenplay pre interval
    The pre-interval screenplay of the movie is half baked and full of forced humour which resulted in lengthy and boring screenplay, however post interval movie manages well especially with humour which makes it a decent watch for audience.
  2. Performances
    However actors tries their best but still John Abraham was struggling with expressions and cannot get away from his macho image, Diana Penty character never appealed audiences of a security professional. Even Boman Irani could not match standards that are expected from him.
  3. Bad Performances
    The lead pair performance in the movie potraying Ronnie and Neha could not emote anything on screen, they fail to deliver any expression. Even in action sequences kicks, punches and bombs would be at right places but expressions were missing or consistently mechanical irrespective of the situation, be it action, comedy or romance. Even the supporting cast could not help as they may have right expressions on faces but irrelevant and heavy dialogues end up making them look comic charcaters far beyond reality and despite trying hard they could not get beyond that aura and end up looking more foolish as the story progresses.

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Could be watched once for some good flashbacks.

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