Race 3: It could be the most painful 3 hours of your life

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Race 3

Race 3

Race 3

Race 3

Race 3

Race 3: It could be the most painful 3 hours of your life

Starring:  Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem.

Director: Remo D'Souza.

Writer: Remo D'Souza.

Producer: Salman Khan Films and Tips Films.

Release Date: 15.06.2018


'Race 3' makes you wait for those 10 minutes in this prolonged movie which will make sense, and it comes towards the end but even that plot is quite familiar with its first predcessor 'Race', the only one with some content in the series. Its not just towards the climax but even at certain other time when 'Race 3' appears to be meaningful is when it follows the first 'Race' path but unfortunately those moments are very few. It appears difficult that 'Race 3' would be able to break its consecutive unsucessful spree which continued after its first part. The story is about the family of a father and his children i.e. his two sons and a daughter, their family conflicts and their financial conflicts. The screenplay takes too much time in elaborating simple family eqautions and conflicts among siblings as one of them i.e. Sikander Singh aka Salman Khan was not Shamsher Singh aka Anil Kapoor legitmate child rather was his elder brother son, Other two siblings are played by Saqib Saleem and Daisy Shah. Bobby Deol played the role of close personnel of Sikander aka Salman and Jessica aka Jacqueline plays the role of love interest of Salman and Bobby. But this long cast was not enough and few other characters like a villian Rana etc. are added to screenplay with some forced flashbacks and a total mess is presented to audience which takes more than enough time and still doesn't appear resolved till the end as it never appeared that all of it was added with any thinking. Anyways if we talk about brighter side the visuals of the movie are too appealing, locations are looking beautiful and it also show glimpse of good use of 3D technology which leaves good impact, but other than these few things movie bores rather than entertaining audiences and then its upto your imagination as it provides scope for laughing on the movie foolishness time to time for instance frequent usage of bhojpuri language can provide you self entertainment through creative imagination which can help you in tolerating this painful 3 hours. There is nothing special about performances, Music is barely tolerable and even action sequences which have excellent visuals end up looking kiddish at various instances. On the name of thrills the movie only provide thrills with fight scenes between main leads be it between Jacqueine and Daisy, or Salman and Bobby, other than that whatever suspense it have is all thanks to first part of series but which is too less for a thriller. It ends up in all show off with no content or matter.


  1. Visuals and 3D Effects
    It were the over whelming visuals in the trailer which attracted the audiences towards the movie and the movie doesn't disappoint there as beautiful locations and good use of 3D visuals at certain places are the only few things which leave good impact in the whole movie.
  2. Some good flashbacks
    Movie may lack originality but it provides good flashbacks of some recent successful movies like 'Tiger Zinda Hai', 'Phantom' along with lines of hollywood movie like 'Godzilla' etc. and also remind us of India first successful nuclear test Pokhran in Rajasthan. Overall good flashbacks which makes you feel good.
  3. Superlative Performances
    Abhay Deol is back after long but he still manages to give most effortless and lovable performance ever in bollywood and he had Manu Rishi to give him company which make it even better and it definitely leaves their previous 'Oye Lucky Lucky Oye' performances far behind.
  4. Superlative Acting
    With Kay Kay Menon in the cast it is needless to say that you will see some top notch performances as he not just gives his best but always bring the best out of others co-actors.


  1. Totally Messed Up Plot
    The plot of the movie is completely messed up which rarely made any meaning from start to end and to make things worse various sub plots gets added with time which do not help instead make it more and more painful.
  2. Too Streched
    The length of movie is streched beyond limits which will be around 3 hours, there were too many subplots which were added without any proper detailing and then to make them forcibly justified the screenplay of movie gets streched unnecesarily.
  3. No Charm In The Music
    Whether its the songs or background music of the movie, both leave darastic impact. The background music is not pleasing and disturbs the narrative of the movie which is already a mess and then coming to songs, the songs are so out of sync with kiddish lyrics that even one of the song 'Selfish' starts sounding good which would be considered purely average on any other day.

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The Race should definitely stop after another consecutive mess added to the series.

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