Sanju: Teaches how NOT to make a movie

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Sanju: Teaches how NOT to make a movie

Starring:  Ranbir Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor.

Director: Raj Kumar Hirani.

Writer: Raj Kumar Hirani.

Producer: Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

Release Date: 29.06.2018


'Sanju' tries everywhere but fails everywhere, it tries to be humorous and fails miserably then it tries to makes you emtional and again fails, it fails in almost every aspect of movie making. The much hyped movie majorly because of Sanjay Dutt name attached to it doesn't show you anything which you didn't knew or which you haven't seen in trailer. So the screenplay is predictable and to make it even worse is its slow pace. Most of the humour appears forced and appeared copied from previous Rajkumar Hirani movies or Ranbir Kapoor movies for instance a scene where Ranbir as Sanju and his friend go to Sanju Girlfriend's Ruby played by Sonam Kapoor home to ask for drinks in midnight and Ruby's family misunderstood that they had come to propose ruby and asking for her, but situation appears too fake and to worsen up things even expressions and acting was so overdone that it nevers appears genuine, other instance which was copied from Ranbir Kapoor previous was they going to a politician house asking for help in the case and that politician going asleep in between the intereaction which again fail to create any humour due to weak screenplay and poor acting. However there is nothing interesting or entertaining to watch in the movie but if you still incidentally enter in cinemas, then it will be difficult but still try to sit through the first half as post interval movie have better and much balanced screenplay in comparison to its first half. The other negative aspect to its script was too casual approach towards Sanju admission in front of his wife played by Dia Mirza about sleepig with numerous women in his life and his wife smiling at it, whether truth or not but movie clearly disrespects women, tries to justify sleeping around as normal and only focuses on proving other things wrong like drug addiction or being in contacts with terrorists and goons which clearly show the inbalance maybe not just in movie but even in reality in some people mentality which is unfortunate as it even tries to show prostitution as very normal practice in life of rich and famous people. Talking about the story, pre interval it focuses on Sanjay Dutt Drug addiction and going to rehabilation to get rid of it and post interval it focuses on his TADA case where he was sentenced under Arms act and movie tries to concentrate on the aspect that the court clearly mentioned that he was not a terrorist and took the weapons for his family security as he and his family was threatened. Don't expect much of elaboration from the movie or even logics, as it will make it even more confusing considering facts like that then why did Sanjay Dutt gave the weapon to be destroyed and didn't kept it. So movie doesn't tries to defend his acts but instead concentrates on his transformation, but unfortunately ends up in unmoving screenplay which is predictable, filled with forced humour and even fails to make you emotional other than 1 or 2 scene like where Sanjay Dutt Father i.e Sunil Dutt dies all of sudden. Coming to performances most of it focus on Ranbir Kapoor who had done a fine job to catch up with Sanjay Dutt but most of it in post interval as pre interval, it appears too over done and unbalanced. But there would be surely Pr excerise claiming Ranbir Kapoor killed with his perfrormance, partial agreement there he definitely killed the audiences but not with his performance but with boredome. Other than him every one else had a limited screen space but a character of Kamlesh i.e. Sanju Friend played by Vicky Kaushal did a noticeable act. Others including Paresh Rawal, Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Boman Irani had limited screen space and were just average and looks uninterested to play their roles. Overall movie is not worth your precious time unless you prefer sleeping in cinemas.


  1. Music
    The only saving grace in the movie is its music, and that too cannot be said for for all songs. Its just the song 'Har Maidaan Fateh' which is good but that too if you listen it not along with movie storyline as with the screenplay the feel of the song is almost ruined as the inspirational song is misued in not so inspiring situation.
  2. Some good flashbacks
    Movie may lack originality but it provides good flashbacks of some recent successful movies like 'Tiger Zinda Hai', 'Phantom' along with lines of hollywood movie like 'Godzilla' etc. and also remind us of India first successful nuclear test Pokhran in Rajasthan. Overall good flashbacks which makes you feel good.
  3. Superlative Performances
    Abhay Deol is back after long but he still manages to give most effortless and lovable performance ever in bollywood and he had Manu Rishi to give him company which make it even better and it definitely leaves their previous 'Oye Lucky Lucky Oye' performances far behind.
  4. Superlative Acting
    With Kay Kay Menon in the cast it is needless to say that you will see some top notch performances as he not just gives his best but always bring the best out of others co-actors.


  1. Slow And Predictable Screenplay
    There is nothing in movie which you didn't knew beforehand, be it about Sanjay Dutt drug addiction or he getting sentenced for keeping arms in his custody and getting punished under Arms Act and not TADA. So the whole plot of movie is predictable and its too slow which makes it more difficult to keep your eyes open throughout the movie.
  2. Comedy falling flat
    There are scenes which tries to makes you laugh but most of them ends up unsuccessfully and others which get some success also were already shown in trailer.
  3. No Charm In The Music
    Whether its the songs or background music of the movie, both leave darastic impact. The background music is not pleasing and disturbs the narrative of the movie which is already a mess and then coming to songs, the songs are so out of sync with kiddish lyrics that even one of the song 'Selfish' starts sounding good which would be considered purely average on any other day.

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The movie leaves you unmoved and you only move when its ended i.e. towards exit.

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