Sui Dhaaga: Pleasantly realistic, soulful and engaging.

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Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga

Sui Dhaaga: Pleasantly realistic, soulful and engaging.

Starring:  Varun Dhawan, Anushka Sharma, Raghubir Yadav, Namit Das.

Director: Sharat Kataria.

Writer: Sharat Kataria.

Producer: Maneesh Sharma.

Release Date: 28.09.2018


You would rarely see a movie which presents the painful condition of the financial backward segment of the country in such a beautiful yet realistic way and still maintaining its light hearted screenplay intact. The story is of a lower middle class guy Mauji who works as helper in a shop and after getting fed up by abuses of his employer leave his employment on advise by his wife Mamta and decides to start his own business, however which fails to prosper as thought and ill health of his mother leads him to employment again however this time in much better place and along with his wife but yet situations go out of control which again leads in his quitting of job and then what leads the couple way, it states that story of Mauji and Mamta beautifully. The story is beautifully knitted with a screenplay that is relaistic, inspiring, emotional, painful yet lovable to the core. The direction and camerawork of Sharat Katariya is upto mark as required by such a story. Varun Dhawan shines as Mauji, Anushka Sharma again was good in her role as Mamta so was Raghubir Yadav and other characters. Special mention to Namit Das who played Guddu one of the relative of Mauji family whose comic performance lit up the screen with laughters. Overall movie is an inspiring watch worth the time.


  1. Beautiful Direction
    The movie tries and also succeed in keeping the movie realistic yet light hearted presenting the pain of lower middle class society in most beautiful way possible without hurting your eyes in any way and which sometimes is too soulful. The director definitely deserves applauds for that.
  2. Inspiring and Lovable
    The screenplay of the movie is inspiring and also have scenes which are lovable and a perfect balance is maintained to make sure that movie doesn't get over emotional at any point of time which is again applaudable.
  3. Soulful Music
    The movie have some soulful music which is accompanied by beautiful composition and cinematography especially the song 'Chaav Laaga'.
  4. Superlative Acting
    With Kay Kay Menon in the cast it is needless to say that you will see some top notch performances as he not just gives his best but always bring the best out of others co-actors.


  1. Filmy Ending
    The movie which keeps it realistic touch intact have an end which appeared bit over the top but to be fair that seems mandatory for the climax and overall movie maintained amazing yet realistic screenplay throughout.
  2. Weak Camerawork and Cinemtography
    The movie camerawork and cinemtography appear below average and doesn't provide the required detailing that was required and just sticked to basics.
  3. Improper Styling
    The styles of characters look completely out of sync and doesn't match the roles they were playing, for instance Shahid Kapoor character who was playing a lawyer was rarely seen in suitable clothes in whole movie.

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'Sui Dhaaga' is real yet inspiring watch.

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